ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007


This Report will be brief. Hopefully most of you will be up-to-date with the Forum’s activities and, in particular, the discussions that have gone on about the Forum’s future over the last year.

During the course of 2006/7 we:

Thank you

A huge thank-you to Jonathan Ellis who and has now moved on from Help the Aged to a new job with Help the Hospices. He is greatly missed and we are indebted to him for chairing the Forum over several years and for leading the work on the Strategic Review.

Thanks to our staff over the last year: Diana Basterfield, Unnati Rennie and Jenny Sharp. Thanks also to those who assist us: to mention only some of these; Christine Hogg, Gerda Loosemore-Reppen and Katie Rowan for work on the Strategic Review; Frances Blunden and Jo Saul at Which? where we hold our bi-monthly meetings; Gill Edelman for her excellent consultancy work on our future; our accountant Margaret Turner; the staff at LTCA

who are always so helpful when we hold our management committee meeting there; the staff at Health Link who regularly take messages and help in other ways; and to the speakers who have contributed to our meetings

My sincere thanks to members of the Management Committee who have worked hard during the year, taken some difficult decisions with courage, and made time for meetings, answering e-mails etc, etc, in their very busy schedules. Particular thanks to Francine Bates who re-joined the committee for the year to help us plan the future, and to Mike O’Donovan from LTCA who also joined us during the year.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you - our members and associate members – for your continuing support during this time of transition. We look forward together to the year ahead and the developments in health, social care and PPI that it will bring.