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We provide a wide range of information relating to the patients’ movement in the UK. This is primarily for our member organisations, who represent the interests of people who use health services, to enable them to strengthen their work in informing and influencing decision- makers. Improvements such as new care equipment for all staff. We hope others will find the information useful too.


This is an independent report, commissioned by the Patients Forum, to inform discussions about our future direction, it is not a set of conclusions. The report was discussed at a special meeting on May 11th, 2006. Following this further work took place in the run up to the AGM in September.

The Patients Forum independent reports have never been more important than now with the advancement of many new related technologies and products. Many exciting healthcare and retail products are being developed and brought to market (such as e-cigarettes and CBD chewing gum), all of which can only benefit from additional open discussion and research into their use.